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Bar Music Moods

About The Release Series

Bar Music Moods is a music album series which features all the famous old and modern jazz standards, which everyone likes to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. Music which enriches a cocktail party or a high-class dinner as well as a romantic evening sitting by the open fire, while tasting a good old wine.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for great bar music & bar jazz, played by a jazz combo, or for dignified bar piano sounds played on a solo instrument – Bar Music Moods is the perfect choice for you.

Besides the regular Bar Jazz editions Bar Music Moods Vol. 1 – 5, there are also pure bar piano editions available, e. g. the release series Bar Music Moods – The Piano Edition Vol. 1 – 3 and Bar Music Moods – Bar Piano Classics Vol. 1 – 3.

We have also designed special concepts for you, like the albums Bar Music Moods – Latin & Bossa Edition and Bar Music Moods – Romantic Dinner Edition. There are also special Christmas editions available with famous and well-known bar jazz Christmas tunes in a bar jazz and bar piano style.

Enrich your quality time and enjoy your best moments in life with Bar Music Moods. All releases are available in established download stores and on popular music streaming services.